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The model 305 five-seater is an enlarged version of the Brantly Helicopter Corporation's successful B-2 two-seater, and production commenced in 1964. The model 305 utilizes a similar rotor system and the entire tail section of its predecessor, and was offered with a wheel undercarriage at no extra cost, and floats were available. The double flapping hinge rotor system offers resonance free characteristics, and the fuselage is a stressed skin all metal structure. It has separate baggage compartment with a capacity of 200 lb.

For obvious reasons it is nicknamed the "Flying Ice Cream Cone".

It is one of the least expensive helicopters ever built and remained in production for many years.

When introduced in 1964, the Brantly 305 sold for $48,900, and was advertised as offering the lowest price per passenger of any helicopter. Production was stopped and started several times under various company reorganizations. 


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