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HRP-2 Navy variant with 600-hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-l engine (as HRP-l); weight empty 5;205 Ibs, loaded 7,500 Ibs; 41-ft rotor diameter; 4 built (factory designation PV-17).

YH-21 USAF pre-production aircraft; 18 built (factory PD-22).

H-21A USAF production SAR helicopter with 1,250-hp Wright R-1820-103 engine de- rated to 1,150 hp; loaded 11,500 Ibs; first flight October 1953; 38 built including 5 for Canada (factory 42); changed to CH-21A in 1962.

H-21B USAF production assault transport with 1,425-hp R-1820-103; loaded 15,000 Ibs; auto-pilot, external fuel tanks, armor; first flight November 1955; 163 built for USAF (factory 421); some employed in SAR role designated SH-21B; changed to CH-21B and then to HH-21B in 1962.

H-21C U.S. Army production cargo/transport helicopter; similar to H-21B; first flight June 1953; 334 built for U.S. Army and foreign service (factory 43); changed to CH-21C in 1962.

H-21D H-21C fitted with 2 GeneralElectricT58 turbo shaft engines; first flight September 1957; 2 converted.

HPK-l Swedish naval variant with 1,425-hp Wright 977C9HDl Cyclone engines; 11 built (factory 44A).



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