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Classic Rotors will be moving the Roton ATV, one of their most recent acquisitions, to Ramona. A U.S. Army Reserve CH-47 will airlift the Roton ATV from its current hangar at the Mojave Airport and carry it over 200 miles to its new home outside the Classic Rotors new museum facility.

The Roton Rocket ATV (Atmospheric Test Vehicle), an FAA registered experimental aircraft, was used to validate a unique space craft atmospheric re-entry system using helicopter rotors. The concept allowed the single-stage-to-orbit Rotory Rocket to re-enter the atmosphere and fly in a reusable condition as a rotorcraft to its base of operations.

Following five successful test flights the ATV, having proven the concept, was retired and subsequently donated to Classic Rotors by the Rotary Rocket Company. Classic Rotors plans to use the fully functional test vehicle as one of its major hands-on displays at the Museum facility.

The U.S. Army Heavy Lift Reserve Command of Ft. Hood Texas has agreed to move the ATV as a part of its ongoing public relations and heavy lift training programs. It is anticipated that this move will occur in early May.

We are looking forward to bringing this amazing space technology to the general public. Classic Rotors expresses their sincere appreciation to the Rotary Rocket Company for this significant donation reflecting a milestone in pioneering aviation.


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