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Stanley Hiller Jr.






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05/27/12 Rotorheads,

Some happenings at the museum over the past few weeks:

Chad Slattery (photog & writer for Smithsonian Air & Space mag) shooting the DP-1 for an article for the Smithsonian magazine. He said that it would appear sometime within the next year. I'll let everyone know. Thanks to Dale St.C., Joel, Ron and Chip for their support of the shoot and to Howard for interview information. You can check out Chad's work at http://www.chadslattery.com .

4 weeks ago, Italian aviation writer & photographer, Luigino Caliaro, did a photo shoot of the H-21 as it was going to the Chino air show. He is doing a book on cold war era aircraft that are still flying. We'll let everyone know when it comes out. Thanks to Dale Crum, Mark, Howard, Joel, P-Ten and Chip for help with the shoot. You can see Luigino's work at www.aerophoto.it .

The conference room, theater (except for seats) and stairs are all finished and the bottom floor lounge partially finished. Come out and check it out. Thanks and see you at the hangar.

06-23-2007 Classic Rotors displays their rare flying Hiller Hornet RamJet and McCulloch J-2 Auto Gryro along side the H-21 at the Romona Airshow June 23 & 24th.


03-17-2007 Classic Rotors retrieves one of the few remaining flyable McCulloch J-2's
02-18-2007 Article Appearing in March 2007 Air & Space Magazine
09-18-2004  Silver State Helicopters donates new signage for Classic Rotors Museum.
06-02-2004 Classic Rotors helped the USS Midway.
05-15-2003 Wonderfully weird whirlybird was waylaid.


05-11-2003 Plan to exhibit helicopter-rocket runs into snags.
05-11-2003 Last flight of 6-story Roton forced to abort.


05-02-2003 'Last Flight' of the ROTON ATV to Classic Rotors
07-20-2002 Classic Rotors reaches agreement to acquire new Museum building.
06-29-2002 Classic Rotors acquires HOKs.
06-22-2002 Classic Rotors establishes historical event at Vertical Challenge.

07-30-2001  Classic Rotors acquires BV44 blessed by the Pope.
01-04-2001  Classic Rotors acquires first H19.



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