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06-02-2004  On one of the most historic occasions in the history of the United States of America, the joining of the East and West Coasts by the completion of the Transcontinental Railway at Promontory, Utah on 10 May 1869, as the final (golden) spike was driven, a telegrapher signaled to the nation this momentous event by tapping out on his key; dash dot dot, dash dash dash, dash dot, dot (D O N E).

    Today at 4:24 PM PDT, another historic occasion, the golden mission of placing an HAL-3 SEAWOLF Association UH-1B Gunship (Attack Helicopter) on board the USS MIDWAY was - D O N E! 

Photos attached.
    Grateful acknowledgement goes to the San Diego Aerospace Museum Staff, the SDAM Thursday General Dynamics Retirees for the re-restoration, the members of the Seawolf Association for their monetary contributions and The Classic Rotors Museum at Ramona for transporting the aircraft to the ship.

Very respectfully, Walt Lester,  "SEAWOLF 86"



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