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Stanley Hiller Jr.





Old News

06-27-2007 Ramona Cub Scouts visit Classic Rotors as part of their Summer Camp Aviations Experience.  They learned about Helicopters, flew in airplanes and visited the CDF fire fighting planes.


06-23-2007 Classic Rotors displays their rare flying Hiller Hornet RamJet and McCulloch J-2 Auto Gryro along side the H-21 at the Romona Airshow June 23 & 24th.


03-17-2007 Classic Rotors retrieves one of the few remaining flyable McCulloch J-2's
02-18-2007 Article Appearing in March 2007 Air & Space Magazine
09-18-2004  Silver State Helicopters donates new signage for Classic Rotors Museum.
06-02-2004 Classic Rotors helped the USS Midway.
05-15-2003 Wonderfully weird whirlybird was waylaid.


05-11-2003 Plan to exhibit helicopter-rocket runs into snags.
05-11-2003 Last flight of 6-story Roton forced to abort.


05-02-2003 'Last Flight' of the ROTON ATV to Classic Rotors
07-20-2002 Classic Rotors reaches agreement to acquire new Museum building.
06-29-2002 Classic Rotors acquires HOKs.
06-22-2002 Classic Rotors establishes historical event at Vertical Challenge.

07-30-2001  Classic Rotors acquires BV44 blessed by the Pope.
01-04-2001  Classic Rotors acquires first H19.



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