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How to Setup Claris Homepage v2.0

This tutorial will guide you step by step through configuring Claris Homepage v2.0 to upload files between your computer and your Server101 web site. For this exercise , you'll need to be online and you should have Claris Homepage v2.0 ready to go.
Open the page you want to upload to the server. Choose "Remote Save..." from the "File" menu as shown.

Remote Save

This window opens next, asking for the information required for uploading the page to the server:

Server Information

Enter the following information:

Important note: Your User ID and Password are case sensitive. If you registered as "Jack", entering "jack" will not work. The same applies to your password.

The next three items in the window are specific to the file you are uploading.

Click OK. If there are linked image files sitting in folders other than the folder your file is in, you will get a Warning window to let you know that the image files will be copied into the current folder, and that the links will be updated appropriately before everything is uploaded. Click Yes, and your files will begin uploading. To abort the transfer, hit Ctrl + period (PC) or Command + period (Mac).

The next time you go to upload, the information will still be in the boxes, except for your password. If you want that to be there too, go to the Preferences window and check the appropriate box.
Downloading With HomePage
To download a file for editing, you should use an FTP program such as Fetch (Mac) or WSFTP (Win). This is because there is no way to actually delete files from the server using the built-in FTP features of Homepage 2.0. (of course, you can overwrite existing files by using the exact same filename) To use HomePage's download ability, select Remote Open..., which will download a copy of the file, or Replace with Remote..., which will replace an open file on your computer with its counterpart from the server. Note that both these options do not remove the file from the server. To do that you need to use a better FTP client.

Viewing Your Web Page
To view the page you just uploaded, use the following URL in your web browser:
http://membername.server101.com/filename (available about an hour after joining)
or http://www.server101.com/~membername/

Tips & Suggestions
1. HTML Filenames are case sensitive. 2. MemberNames and Passwords are case sensitive

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